Our menu changes from day to day depending on the season and what fresh veg we can get. We update our instagram daily so our beautiful customers know what we have. You can pre order any item before 10am on Instagram and even pay online to collect later in the day. Here is a selection of our main dishes for you to get an idea of what we do. 


​Soup £5.00
Pump It Up: Pumpkin
Mellow Yellow: Sweet corn Chowder
The Roots: Carrot, Potato and Coriander
Peter Piper: Roasted Red Pepper

Sides £2.50
Fried Plantain
Spicy Wild Rice
Herby Couscous
Sweet Potato Fritters

​​Sweets £3.00

Carrot and Courgette
Banana Bread
Ginger Cake
Avocado Chocolate Brownie 













​Salads £4.50                       

 Raw: Red and White Cabbage, Carrot and Coriander

Red Gold and Green: Roasted Red Peppers, Bulgur Wheat and Avocado

Squashed: Spinach, Butternut Squash and seeds

Tree Tings: Broccoli, Toasted almonds and Chilli                                

Mains £6.00                       

Chofu Stew: Chickpea, Tofu and Spinach
Fried Grains: Rice, Barley and Mushrooms
Sweet Heart Curry: Sweet Potato and Coconut
Irie Stew: Kidney Beans, Pumpkin and Callaloo